Ride Strong With Pam is a Virtual Fitness Challenge for horse people who want to develop their own physical fitness so they can “ride strong” while enjoying a positive community of like-minded individuals.

If you love the accountability a group of supportive active friends can provide, this is the right place!

Through your participation, you will have the chance to win some cash OR great prizes while improving your fitness and riding.  It’s a win-win!

NEW FORMAT for 2022! Introducing the Ride Strong “DO YOU” challenge. Weekly draws, and the grand prize draws at the end of the challenge will take place. How do you enter the draws? You….DO YOU. At the beginning of the challenge you state what your combination of movement and riding your horse is going to be. You choose what fits your schedule and your goals the best. Myself and the group will help hold you accountable. YOU BET ON YOU!

You pick your exercise, frequency and duration of both riding your horse and exercising.

Each week you’ll post in the private Facebook group that you’ve met your challenge requirements and we will draw for cash or prizes.

That’s why this challenge is perfect for anyone that thrives on accountability and group support no matter your age or fitness level.

You set your own pace and we will cheer you on!

Group support and camaraderie happens in our private Facebook group.     

The deadline to register for the next challenge is May 15th. We start on May 16th. Register today here.